REDRESS PROPOSAL – FAQ’s, Process, List of Properties, Media Releases, Pastoral Letters & Videos (click here)

This page brings together information on the Anglican Church in Tasmania’s Redress Proposal.


FACT SHEET – Redress Fund


Frequently Asked Questions – This FAQ document provides some general background information and aims to address questions and concerns that are currently being expressed within the community.

This information has been prepared in good faith with due care, however is not intended to be legal advice and it does not purport to contain all the information or answers you may require. It should not be relied on as statements or representations of fact. You should make your own independent enquiries to satisfy yourself regarding the accuracy, correctness and completeness of the information.

Frequently asked questions – Redress Proposal


Process outline for parishes and community:

Process outline

Redress Proposal Process Flow Chart


Full List of Property Proposed for sale  – Final decision to be made by Diocesan Council (the Church’s governing body) in December 2018

Full list of properties proposed for sale

List of funds to be levied

Redress proposal – graphics for breakdown of funds


Media Releases relating to Redress

Anglican Church votes in favour of Redress Proposal

Anglican Church welcomes State Government’s decision to join National Redress Scheme

Anglican Church’s proposal for funding Redress

Anglican Church in Tasmania sacrifices to fund Redress

Anglican Church recognises the importance of Redress


Bishop Condie’s Opinion pieces

Selling churches brings no joy but is the right thing to do

Collective responsibility for righting past wrongs

The Importance of Redress for Survivors of Sexual Abuse


Pastoral Letters – Bishop Condie has written the following three Pastoral Letters concerning the Church’s proposal to sell church properties in order to fund Redress to survivors of child sexual abuse

Pastoral Letter on Redress 4 May 2018

Pastoral Letter on Redress 29 April 2018

Pastoral Letter on Redress 19 April 2018


Synod 2018

Synod Papers 2018

Synod Presidential Address 2018


Video Library

Interview with Bishop Richard Condie on the Redress Proposal, 24 May 2018.