Family Violence

The Bible is wholly against violence and oppression in any relationship. Jesus’ ethic is an ethic of love and self-sacrifice, of gentleness and respect in relationships.

The Anglican Church in Tasmania recognises the abhorrent reality of family violence in our society.

Our church has responded to the issue of family violence and abuse in numerous ways.

In June 2015, at the Synod of the Diocese of Tasmania, the following motion was passed:

That this Synod:

  • deplores the horrific levels of family violence in the Tasmanian Community;
  • grieves with those who have suffered the pain and trauma of any form of domestic abuse;
  • recognises that such abuse occurs within the Christian community and the congregations of the Diocese of Tasmania;
  • maintains that family violence is absolutely unacceptable in any circumstance; and
  • commits the Diocese of Tasmania to work to changing community values from those which allow this abuse to occur to those which foster respectful and safe relationships.

We continue to speak out about the reality of family violence and abuse in our society and challenge our communities to be safe places for all people.

We continue to train our Clergy and communities in understanding the patterns of abuse; appropriate responses and actions; awareness of additional support material; and encouragement to use experts who work in the area.

Bishop Richard Condie says, “I have zero tolerance for abuse of any kind. There is no place for family violence or abuse in our churches or communities. We want our communities to be safe, respectful and supportive places in which to live, and none more so than in the family home.”

If you or someone you know needs help please call the Domestic Violence hotline on 1800 737 732 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

If it’s an emergency dial 000.