Redress Options

Several redress avenues are available to persons who have experienced sexual abuse by clergy or church workers who have been licensed or have held a position in this Diocese.

When an individual brings their story or complaint to us, we will let them know the avenues available to them and offer pastoral support in the form of:

  • A support person who can walk alongside them in the storytelling and/or complaint process
  • Access to counselling
  • Assistance to report to the police.

National Redress Scheme

The National Redress Scheme (NRS)

Available until 30 June 2027 for child sexual abuse that occurred before 1 July 2018.

Diocesan Pastoral Support and Assistance Scheme (PSAAS)

Available for those who experienced sexual abuse as an adult or who are not eligible for the National Redress Scheme. PSAAS has no restrictions to applicants according to citizenship or criminal history. It is no longer available for child sexual abuse that is covered by the NRS.

PSAAS is facilitated by the Director of Professional Standards and involves:

  • An investigation to provide evidence for your story
  • A medical assessment to assess the impact of the abuse and help gauge your future needs
  • An assessment by an independent assessor who will determine the redress amount that the Diocese will offer
  • The signing of a deed of release to accept the amount and finalise the matter
  • Capped at $150,000 plus up to $5000 counselling (includes the cost of counselling met by the Diocese prior to the assessment) and $2500 legal fees components
  • Phone: 1800 017 285
  • Email:

Common Law (Civil Litigation)

You can engage a legal representative to advise and support you in lodging and negotiating your claim for compensation for damage (including emotional injury) suffered.

  • In most cases satisfactory settlement is negotiated before court proceedings start.
  • If taken to court and you prove your claim the court/tribunal will award damages based on its assessment of the loss you have suffered.

Help to choose the right avenue for you:

The Anglican Church of Tasmania has instituted many changes over the last eighteen years in order to protect children and prevent abuse. The safety of children and vulnerable people in our church communities is paramount. The church has been working hard to screen, educate and develop church leaders and volunteers who are working with vulnerable people. We have improved our response to and support for survivors of sexual abuse. We have no tolerance for abuse of any kind.

To report abuse call 1800 017 286 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).