Synod Papers 2018

Synod will run from 7 pm on Friday 1 June until around 5 pm on Saturday 2 June.

The Redress Fund Ordinance is scheduled to come before the Synod on Saturday morning at about 8:45 am, and will probably take up most of the day.

The venue is the Tailrace Centre, 1 Tailrace Dr, Riverside in Launceston.


There will be a public gallery open to anyone. The public gallery is for members of the public who wish to observe proceedings. Members of the public do not have the right to speak at Synod – the right to speak is limited to members of the Synod.  The Synod is a formal meeting, and the Bishop controls the Synod processes to ensure a fair and effective meeting. Due to limitations of the venue we expect that there will be space for 30 people in the public gallery. If you would like a seat reserved for you in the public gallery please email

Media enquiries should be directed to

Synod 2018 Business Papers:

Reports Booklet 18-001

Supplementary Reports Booklet 18-001b

Accounts Booklet 18-002

Estimates Booklet 18-003

Business Paper 18-004 Final

General Synod Canons