2022 Training Dates

Here are some planned general training and event dates for 2022 (these are COVID restrictions permitting, and some events may go online if needed).  

To find out more, click on the link for an event, or email dmd@anglicantas.org.au for further details.  For youth events email cym@anglicantas.org.au

January 13-15CMS Summerview Conference (Launceston) *
February 19Life@Work Conference* (Hobart)
March 26Tasmanian Women’s Bible Conference (Hobart) *
April 1Leadership Forum with Tim Foster (Ridley College)
April 1-2Ridley Cohort with Tim Foster
April 19-22Leaders in Training Camp (Grades 9-12)
May 13CMS Youth Night (Hobart) *
May 20-29Will Graham Outreach (Hobart and Launceston) *
August 12-13Challenge Conference* (Hobart)*
August 15-19Gafcon Australasia Conference (Canberra)*
August 26-27Ridley Cohort with Kate Beer
27 or 28 August (TBC)Women Leaders event with Kate Beer (Ridley College)
September 16Youth Open Night (Hobart)
September 17Bishop’s Training Event (Hobart)
September 18-21Anglicare Australia Conference (Hobart)*
September 24Bishop’s Training Event (Launceston)
October 19Church Planting Conference* (Hobart)
November 18-19Tasmanian Men's Convention (Poatina)

Events marked * are not organised by the Anglican Church

Rural Mission Training Day – Saturday 3rd August

How do we reconnect with our community? In an increasingly anxious society what does Christianity have to offer? How do we make the connections we already have opportunities to speak of Christ? Often in rural centres we find that everyone knows everyone. Sometimes we have known the people around us for nearly all of our…

Bible Forum (Hobart), Saturday 27 July 2019

Topic: The Christian Imagination How important is using your imagination for the way you live your Christian life? Some might say that the human imagination is the opposite of God’s truth: “Let the Scriptures cease to be heard and soon the remembered Christ becomes an imagined Christ” (James Smart). Others, that imagination is central to…

Children’s Ministry Training Event (Hobart) – 8th April

Storytime!  Bible stories have long been a staple of children’s ministry, but how can we use stories intentionally for the spiritual formation of children? We’ll think theologically about stories, and how story-telling shapes our overall aims and practices of children’s ministry. In light of that theology, we’ll look at some practical methods of storytelling with…