Anglican Bishop seeks to protect vulnerable Tasmanians

Working with Vulnerable People
The Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, Dr Richard Condie, says, “The mere existence of laws to allow for assisted dying (euthanasia), puts vulnerable Tasmanians at risk”.

“The unintended consequence of voluntary assisted dying laws, will inescapably lead to subtle pressures on the elderly, disabled, and the mentally ill in our community, to end their lives prematurely.

Bishop Condie said, “The elderly and the disabled in our communities should be able to rely on their Government to protect their right to dignity and personal protection.

“We have a program in Tasmania to prevent elder abuse. In it we say: “older Tasmanians deserve dignity and to be able to feel healthy, secure and safe in their homes and communities”.

Bishop Condie also said, “It would be hypocritical for the Government to then introduce a law, which could potentially rob the dignity, security and safety of elderly Tasmanians. If it happens in one case, then the Government will have failed to protect its citizens.

“We need to have compassion for the terminally ill, and especially those whose suffering is unbearable, but at the same time act with compassion for the dignity of the vulnerable in our society.”

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