What makes a good day in isolation? Nicky shares 6 tips

Nicky Chiswell, Melbourne based Psychologist and a church member of City on a hill.

Covid-19 restrictions hit in March. At first, we were just trying to survive the grief and changes. Now we have been at it for 6 weeks. I have found myself asking, ‘What makes a good day in isolation? I am noticing some patterns.  How about you?

So here is my personal list of 6 things that I have worked out make a good day for me.

  • EXERCISE – Research overwhelmingly agrees! Check out “23 and half hours” by Mike Evans if you need convincing.
  • PRAYER – Bringing my real self to the Lord of the universe helps heaps. Putting worries into words and turning them into prayers helps. Practicing gratefulness to Him helps me notice the good things in my day too. Reminding myself of His bigger picture helps me not feel alone in whatever the day brings.
  • CONNECTING – Connecting with someone, just for the sake of friendship, helps me have a better day.
  • ACHIEVING SOMETHING – You can only watch Netflix for so long before a kind of malaise sets in! Take it from me. So, a household chore, doing exercise, planning a menu, or ticking stuff off the work to do list, makes a big difference to my sense of it being a good day! Structuring my day clearly helps lots too. Knowing when it’s time to REST and time to WORK etc is important to delineate. I have never had so many daily lists and timetables!
  • DOING SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE – Caring for others shows us, and our kids, that we are not helpless and that our values have not changed. It’s good for us and the person you help!
  • CREATIVITY AND FUN – Make something, do something that leads to laughter. This helps.

So… What makes a good day is isolation for you? Make your own list and ask your friends and family too!

Have a great day! ?

Nicky Chiswell, Melbourne based Psychologist and a church member of City on a Hill