The first female fellowship group at Subbies is making an impact

by Josephine

I started a Women’s Bible Study end of July this year, and we have had one group meeting almost every week. I often meet one to one with those that couldn’t make it at some other time in the week.

We have five ladies that are part of it, however there is usually only three at one meeting (because it is hard to find times that suit all). This has proved to be a good thing because it has allowed the study to be intimate and get into really deep discussions, such as, how God can speak to us with His scriptures just as well as with actual words, do we really want to go to heaven or do we just not want to go to hell and how to truly love unconditionally – not because of actions, but because God loves us and we aspire to be like Him. We have covered many topics and areas of the Bible, these are just some examples.

Josephine with her Indian friend at Subbies

One of the most exciting and encouraging things for me is just how many questions these beautiful ladies are asking each week. When in a mixed gender group, the subcontinental ladies and girls are often silent and don’t answer questions. In this group they have really opened up and it is a very supportive environment.

I have found this group to be a huge blessing. One prayer point I have for the group is that the ladies would not see our God, the one true God, as another form of their own gods. This is a common idea, that there is one god, but that he takes many forms. Unfortunately, this would mean that any holy book is correct, which is not the saving truth that we know.

Subbies welcomes all students from the Subcontinent – India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Subbies is all about good food, good fun and good friends. But, most importantly, Subbies is about good news; the Bible’s message of good news about God.

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