Ordination of Priests and Collation of Archdeacons


On Saturday 18 February 2017 St David’s Cathedral was host to the joyful celebration and Ordination of three new Priests and the Collation of two Archdeacons.

Bishop Richard welcomed Ruth Hanlon, Jennifer Hercott and Susan Willis who were Ordained as Priests. He acknowledged that this was “a special moment for them as they are set aside and recognised by the church for their work among us”. He especially thanked The Venerable Helen Phillips for leading the Retreat with the three Ordinands.

The Venerables Helen Phillips (Archdeacon for Women) and Stephen Carnaby (Archdeacon for South East Mission Network) were also Collated as Archdeacons.

It was an historic day for Bishop Richard as this was his first service of Ordination and Collation of Archdeacons since commencing as Bishop of Tasmania.

The sermon focused on the important question of: “What should motivate us for Ministry?” Bishop Richard looked at Paul’s second letter to the Church in Corinth and explored both the motivations for ministry and the purpose for ministry.

In 2 Corinthians Chapter 5 Paul speaks of the two motives which drive him in his ministry. They are fear and love: the fear (awe, respect, reverence) of God; and the love of Christ.

Bishop Richard shared these words not only for the benefit of the Ordinands but also for those in public ministry of the Church.

The Bishop encouraged the new priests to “keep your motivations right, to remember the fear of the Lord from this day and every day, for the account you must give, for the deep love that Christ has shown you through His Son. May it constrain you and compel you. And never lose sight of your high calling to be Christ’s ambassadors, His heralds, speakers of His word. Allow God to make His appeal to the world through you”.

Bishop Richard reminded us all to pray regularly for these new priests as they are set over us in the household of God. “Pray for their faithfulness, their courage, their perseverance, their fruitfulness. Pray that the fear of the Lord and the love of Christ would compel them as they fulfil their calling as ambassadors for Christ among us.”

The sermon is called Motivation for Ministry 2 Corinthians 5 and can be found on the St. David’s Cathedral website (www.saintdavids.org.au)