Tasmanian Men’s Convention

The Tasmanian Men’s Convention is for not just for Tasmanian Anglicans but for all men from all Chrisitan denominations and churches who profess to be followers of Jesus. It is a convention for the everyday Christian bloke so that they can gather with other Christian blokes and do things together side by side to get to know each other and encourage one another through various activities.

On the weekend our hope that is that you will come away not just having been fed some good hearty, blokey food which there will be plenty on offer but to also be fed well from God’s word.

Ultimately and most importantly there is also space for men to come together to sit under God’s word and have it expounded to us that is specifically relevant and challenging for men. So that the word will not only impact them but the people around them, their families, work colleagues and neighbourhood. To help us in this we will have three bible talks over the weekend.

2023 Conference Details

Join Christian men from around the state and across denominations to be equipped, enabled, and encouraged, as David Jones (former Tasmanian pastor) speaks to us about the Unfinished Business of mission from Titus.

Start time: 2pm Friday, 10 November
Finish time: 3:30pm Saturday, 11 November
Location: Poatina Chalet (Poatina Road, Poatina)
Activities: There will be free time for some fun activities on both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, e.g. cycling, mountain biking, bush walking, clay-pigeon shooting, golf, kayaking, fishing.

Register: tasmensconvention.org/booking

The flyer for the Tasmanian Men’s Conference 2023 event can be found here.