Reserve a Cemetery Plot or Columbarium Space

To purchase a reservation/Exclusive Right of Burial (ERB) for a plot or columbarium space, please search for the cemetery or columbarium (in the Search bar below) where you would like to make the reservation. When you select the cemetery or columbarium you will see a list of the names of plots and columbarium spaces which are available for purchase. The list is on the left under the address. You will also see a map of the area which will help you to identify where each plot or columbarium spaces is located within the cemetery or columbarium.

Please select from the list of names of plots and columbarium spaces, the location you would like and the option to 'View Price Now' will appear. Please click on the green button and answer a few quick questions so that we can provide you with pricing details. You will then have the option to reserve the location if you would like.

Once the process is complete we will send you an invoice for the Exclusive Right of Burial within 3 business days (payable within 30 days) and the Exclusive Right of Burial Certificate will be issued once payment is received.