Registry Roadshow – March 2020

The Registry Roadshow is a wonderful opportunity for those in leadership within the Tasmanian Anglican Church to meet some of our Diocesan staff, hear updates on the important work that’s happening across our Diocese, and to ask questions that relate to the administration and governance of your parish.

Rectors, Church Wardens, Treasurers and Parish Councillors are encouraged to come along.

Topics to be covered are:

  • the new Diocesan web portal
  • lessons learned from the Redress project team on managing heritage properties
  • developments in parish finances and accounts
  • good governance in Anglican parishes – how to get your Parish Council to sing
  • mission and a culture of safety – how good safe church culture contributes to your ministry

Please Register for your local event below:

Northwest: 3 March 2020, St George’s Burnie:

North: 4 March 2020, St John’s Launceston:

South: 5 March 2020, Wellspring Anglican Church, Sandy Bay: