Poker Machines – Letter to Parliament

One of the resolutions from this year’s Synod was for me to make known the damaging impact that poker machines have on communities, asking all parishes and individuals in our diocese to join with me in campaigning on this issue.

Poker machines are designed to addict and always favour the “house”. They cost too many Tasmanians their health, relationships, jobs and sometimes even their homes.

Right now, State Parliament is considering the future of poker machines in Tasmania.  We need to voice our concerns to Parliament, to let them know that we want to remove poker machines from our communities.

I have recently written to the Premier about this issue and I urge you to join me to do likewise. I also ask that you bring this to the attention of your parish, family and friends.

The following link will take you directly to a site for you to sign a letter to the Premier:

There may be some members in your parish who do not have access to a computer, so can I suggest that you might like to provide assistance to enable as many people as possible to sign this letter.

Let us be active in responding so that the Christian voice may be heard on this important social issue.