Pastoral Support and Assistance Grant

The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania's Pastoral Support and Assistance Scheme (PSAAS) is open to people who have been sexually abused by clergy or church workers who have been licensed or have held a position in this diocese.

PSAAS is an alternative to the National Redress Scheme (NRS). A person who has applied to and received a payment under the NRS is not eligible to receive a PSAAS payment. Any PSAAS application is then deemed to have been withdrawn.

Our Director of Professional Standards facilitates the Scheme which follows a two-staged process.

Stage 1

When an individual brings their story or complaint to us, we will let them know the options available to them and offer pastoral support in the form of:

  • A support person who can walk alongside them in the story-telling and/or complaint process.
  • Access to counselling.
  • Assistance to report to the police.

We will investigate the matter when the person submits a formal written complaint along with their PSAAS application.

Stage 2

Once the complaint has been investigated and it is concluded that the abuse as alleged did take place, the person will be invited to provide any further supporting documentation for the application. We will ask the person to undergo a medical assessment to assess impact of the abuse and help gauge their future needs. The PSAAS grant is intended to provide some financial reparation toward the person’s future.

The application is assessed by an independent assessor who will determine the amount of the grant that the diocese will offer.

PSAAS has no restrictions to applicants according to age, citizenship or criminal history.

From March 2019, the amount that may be awarded through PSAAS has increased and is capped at $150,000.

Applicants who have previously accepted a payment from PSAAS before the cap was increased are welcome to have their claim reassessed. These applicants will only need to submit what additional information is needed for the amended criteria. They may submit additional information if they so desire.

Any previous payment will be considered in calculating the final payment. The previous payment will be indexed for CPI and the indexed amount deducted from the payment offered. The RBA calculator at will be used.

There will be a separate additional payment for counselling, assessed on the ongoing impact of the sexual abuse. (This is different from the National Redress Scheme, where the counselling payment is assessed by reference to the nature of the abuse)

There will be a separate payment for legal expenses capped at $2500.

The person will be required to sign a deed of release to accept the amount and finalise the matter.

The PSAAS assessment matrix is survivor-focused and modeled on the Royal Commission's recommendations.

Further information on the counselling payment, payments based on 100-point score, and the matrix for calculating payment - 100-point score can be found here.

For further information contact the Director of Professional Standards on (03) 6220 2025 or email: