Join us for the United by Faith Blood Drive

This year the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania is joining forces with other faith-based Lifeblood teams for the United by Faith Blood Drive. The need for blood never stops, so we’ll be donating between 1 April and 31 May to save as many lives as we can. You can join is as an individual or as a church team.

Australia needs 31,000 donations every week which is a donor every 24 seconds. Tasmanian Donor Centres in Burnie, Devonport, Hobart and Launceston need 1500 individual donors every week.

It’s easy to start saving lives:

  1. Check you can give and book a donation. You can do that via the website here, download the ‘Donate Blood’ App on your smart phone or call 131 495.
  2. Give life. Make sure your donation is added to our tally by joining our Lifeblood team Anglican Diocese of Tasmania. You can do this by asking when you donate, Join Your Team online or Updating Your Preferences via the DonateBlood App.
  3. Keep track of our team’s tally by visiting the blood drive webpage.
  4. Already a donor? Even you have already donated from 1st April just join our team and your donation will count towards our tally.