Government admits no modelling done on cost of burial changes

Thursday November 22, 2018

In debate on the Burial and Cremation Amendment Bill 2018 this afternoon, the Government has admitted that it actually has no modelling to refute the Anglican Church’s analysis that the cost of a future burial plot in an Anglican cemetery will be between $10,000-$15,000.

“It is deeply concerning that the Government appears to not fully understand the financial burden these changes will impose on everyday Tasmanians and their families,” Bishop Condie said.

“The Attorney-General conceded that the Treasury advice was that the Bill would require “additional effort” by Cemetery Managers, but were unable to quantify this.

“Under this legislation, all cemetery managers will need to plan for 100 years of expenditure on a cemetery at the end of its active life, during which time there will be no further income. It follows that there will need to be a significant increase in the fees charged for a plot to manage a cemetery responsibly.

“I request the Government to immediately make public all Treasury advice they have on this matter, and to immediately commission modelling of the impact prior to debating the Bill in the Legislative Council next week,” said Bishop Condie.