Applause from Glenview residents

For the past couple of months, each Thursday morning residents at Glenview Community Services’ Windsor Street site have gathered to watch the online church service from St David’s Cathedral.

Glenview’s Activities Program Coordinator, Meagan Lee, accessed the Morning Prayer service from the Diocesan YouTube channel and played it for those who were interested.

“The residents have really enjoyed this alternative whilst we have been unable to have our regular services due to Covid-19 restrictions,” said Meagan. “There has even been applause at the conclusion of the services!!”.

Glenview provides a weekly in-house Church service under normal circumstances. On average 12 residents would attend each week.

Residents have willingly shared their appreciation too.

“It was a wonderful thing,” said Mary Byrne.

Daphne Jackson shared, “I thought it was very good.  Sometimes there was a different person.  They sounded very clear.  It was nice to go to a service once a week with some of my friends here too”.

“It was very difficult being in here away from family.  Going to the service was a good way to feel part of the community,” said Adrian Graley. “My wife Fay always enjoyed the Anglican Service, I’m not really religious myself. I now go alone in her memory.  The main reason I go is I take great interest in the sermon and I like to sing the hymns”.

“Having access to online church during Covid lockdown has been really important for the residents. It’s a wonderful resource and greatly appreciated by everyone,” said Meagan.