Tuesday October 2, 2018

The Anglican Church of Tasmania welcomes the government’s proposal to make ministers mandatory reporters of child sexual abuse.

The Anglican Bishop of Tasmania, The Right Revd Dr Richard Condie, said, “We are committed to providing safe church communities and working for the protection of vulnerable people”.

“Making ministers mandatory reporters of child sexual abuse is consistent with our safe church communities’ practice”.

The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia approved a Canon Concerning Confessions in 2017, which was adopted by the Tasmanian Synod in June 2018.

This Canon upholds the confidentiality of the confessional, including the confession of grave offences, only if the Priest is satisfied that the person making a confession has reported the matter to the authorities.

Bishop Condie said, “Our Synod welcomed the Canon as it allows the Priest to break the confidentiality of confessions for serious crimes including child sexual abuse, if he or she is not reasonably satisfied that the matter has been reported to the police.”

“However, the confession of sins to a Priest is treated as confidential in all other cases.”

The Anglican Church of Tasmania has zero tolerance on sexual abuse and takes all complaints of sexual misconduct very seriously. We are committed to a transparent culture of safety for all people.

The Anglican Church of Tasmania wants to be a church for Tasmania and so reaffirms its commitment to rebuilding community trust.

To report abuse call 1800 017 286.