Alpha co-ordinators – South, North & North-West

Anita Booker

ANITA BOOKER – Alpha Coordinator SOUTHERN Tasmania

If you haven’t already met the lovely and faith-filled Anita Booker, then we encourage you to!

Anita is the Alpha South TAS Church Relationship Coordinator based in Hobart. She has taken over from Andrea Hensher.

Anita became a Christian in 1991 and has been actively involved in Christian ministry both in the UK and Tasmania. She has helped lead many Alphas – including at her home church St Mark’s Anglican Bellerive.

Professionally, Anita is a clinical nurse educator so brings a wealth of facilitation and training skills to the Alpha team.

If you need any help planning, preparing or running ALPHA in southern Tasmania, please contact: Anita Booker at or phone: 0417 922 390.

Charlie Smith

CHARLIE SMITH – Alpha Coordinator NORTH & NORTH-WEST Tasmania

Charlie, or Chas, as many know him in ‘Alpha land’, has been working for Alpha Australia for three years.

He currently lives in Ulverstone and his role is to equip and serve local churches across the North & North-West of Tassie.

Charlie came to faith in 2013 after an invitation to a church service. His life has been radically transformed. He is passionate about evangelism and being an authentic presence in the community.

Charlie has a wealth of experience running Alpha through his local church.

If you would like to explore the idea of running ALPHA in the North or North-West, please contact: Charlie Smith at or phone: Mb – 0400 441 110 or Landline – 1800 811 903.