A Voice in The Wilderness: Listening To The Statement From The Heart

In 2017, a group of 250 indigenous leaders representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from all around Australia, endorsed the “Uluru Statement From The Heart.” They called for recognition of First Nations’ peoples and a representative “Voice” enshrined in the Australian Constitution. Unfortunately this document was immediately rejected by the Parliament of the time.

Over the last 8 weeks, a group of about 14 members from several northern parishes have met at Holy Trinity under the leadership of Warwick Cuthbertson.

The group who met and studies The Statement from the Heart

They have read, considered, listened, and discussed the ABM study course, “A Voice in the Wilderness: Listening to The Statement From the Heart”.

Despite beginning with little or no background education regarding the history of our  First Nations’ disempowerment, they have been challenged by the startling reality of our horrific shared history. However, through deep reflection, they have grown in understanding and empathy, and each will hopefully now help spread the importance of these issues, addressed in The Statement From The Heart.

A motion passed at Synod in October 2020 encourages all Tasmanians to read and reflect on the words of The Statement from the Heart, and recommends this ABM study publication.

Holy Trinity is purchasing 6 copies of this publication for loan to parishioners. Our group commends it to all churches.

All men are created in God’s image. Let us strive for equality for all our brothers and sisters.

“Truth-telling” is essential. You can start by reading the book.