On the road again

Registry Roadshow – Burnie March 2020

“In early March, I attended my third registry roadshow. They are a great forum for the churches in our diocese to be brought up to speed with the latest information from the registry. I personally love that it is a casual and personal format, with cheese and snacks,” said Revd Phil Coghlan, Rector of Burnie Parish.

“The elective options allow for a greater coverage of topics relevant to our churches. For example, the session on the new Web Portal was most helpful. It’s good that the Diocese is looking at things like this, which will make updating our information, communication across the diocese, or asking a question easier,” said Phil.

“Attending these events saves numerous phone calls to the registry. It is a one-stop-shop for the latest info relevant to running a church.”

Joe Armstrong (Network Operations Manager, All Saints Network, Launceston) attended his first roadshow. “It is always valuable to speak with people face-to-face. It was a great opportunity to mingle in a “general, various discussions” manner and cover a number of relevant topics,” he said.

“Having access to very key people who have kindly and specifically allocated this time for exactly this purpose was great,” Joe said. “The collective knowledge and information gained from having at least one, sometimes two people from our parishes, in each of the sessions was valuable indeed.”

Shirley Gillam (Secretary of the Committee of Management for Devonport Parish) enjoyed the roadshow saying, “It was worth going again because there were different topics presented this time. It was a great time of being together, celebrating our common purpose in Christ and learning to fine-tune our understanding of Good Governance, Safe Church Communities, The Portal (to heaven? No, that’s not what it was!), and Heritage Properties”.

“I have a greater appreciation that our Mission will be more effective if we have Good Governance and if we are working for the Safety and Well-being of our people.”