Safe Church Communities (SCC) Coordinator – Reposted

We are still looking for the right person for this important and challenging role at the forefront of our safe ministry strategy.

The purpose of the SCC Coordinator is to make the Diocese a safe place for children and vulnerable people. The role encompasses the following areas:

  • Oversight of compliance with the relevant Ordinances, Canons, policies and legislation.
  • Development and maintenance of communication between parishes and the Diocese.
  • To facilitate and coordinate training in various key areas.
  • To develop resources to support the Diocese to be a safe place for children and vulnerable people.
  • To negotiate with the ChildSafe organisation about their product’s capacity to meet the needs of the Diocese.
  • To manage the development and implementation of resources and training in response to the Royal Commission’s 10 elements necessary for creating a Child Safe Institution.
  • Oversight of the strategic development of several significant aspects of SCC.

The full Position Description is here.

The Diocese of Tasmania is a ChildSafe organisation.

Applications close 2 June 2019.

To apply please send a cover letter addressing the position description and cv to