Help Anglicare to offer hope

shine a light

Anglicare Christmas Appeal 2018

There’s something special about Christmas lights. Light can be a comfort, a reassurance that we are not alone in the dark. Light can be breathtakingly beautiful; from the soft simplicity of candle-light to the colourful joyfulness of a Christmas display. And as communities gather to sing carols together this Christmas season, glowing lights – held in the hands of friends and strangers – symbolise connection.

This Christmas, will you be part of shining the light?

Your gift to the Anglicare Christmas Appeal will be used to reach out to Tasmanians who are struggling, who need a reminder that others care.

Anglicare is there for anyone facing a life challenge. They support people’s mental and physical health. They help people to find safe, affordable housing. They listen and work with families to strengthen relationships. They speak up for those disadvantaged by unfair policies and systems.

Anglicare knows that for people to find a way forward, they need to be able to see a light in the darkness. This Christmas, help Anglicare to offer this hope.

Donations can be made on-line at or by phoning 1800 243 232 or in person at any Anglicare office.