COVID 19 Update

Returning to Face-to-Face ministry with young people in COVID-19

As we plan to return to ministry in-person, we are faced with a variety of responses and expectations. For some people, in-person ministry is longed for and a relief, for others, there is much anxiety associated with the return, for others still, their vulnerable status means they will not meet in-person. Some of you will…

Diocese of Tasmania COVID-19 Roadmap

Numbers for face-to-face gatherings, weddings and funerals will increase gradually. You can track these details through the Diocesan Roadmap.

A Pastoral Letter – COVID19 update

Dear Sisters and Brothers, It is now just over 8 weeks since we stopped meeting together for worship on Sundays. How I miss seeing people Sunday by Sunday and sharing life with you. While I see my team and many of the clergy each week on Zoom, it just isn’t the same as meeting face…

What makes a good day in isolation? Nicky shares 6 tips

Covid-19 restrictions hit in March. At first, we were just trying to survive the grief and changes. Now we have been at it for 6 weeks. I have found myself asking, ‘What makes a good day in isolation? I am noticing some patterns.  How about you? So here is my personal list of 6 things…

COVID-19 Safe Church Community Protocols

The Anglican Diocese of Tasmania has produced new guidelines for ministering to young people during COVID-19. As with all our interactions, in these times, it is our intention to be above reproach, and to serve those to whom we minister to. This document is designed to assist us achieve this in this current climate.

Bishop Condie provides an update & invitation to the Prayer Meeting – 2 April 2020

On April 2, the Bishop of Tasmania provided an update and issued an invitation to join him for a state-wide Prayer Meeting on Sunday April 5. The Prayer Meeting will run from 3.30pm – 4:30pm. You can join using this link: Or Phone: 03 7018 2005 Webinar ID: 941 777 599

Prayer Meeting with Bishop Richard – 5 April 2020

From the comfort of your own home,  you are invited to join the Bishop of Tasmania, and hundreds of others across the Diocese, in prayer for our Nation and World during the Covid-19 pandemic. This prayer meeting will be hosted on Zoom from 3:30 to 4:30 pm on Sunday 5th April, AEST Please click this…

Let’s beat loneliness together

It is rather obvious to say that the unfolding COVID19 Pandemic is changing the shape of our daily lives; the way we live, and work, and the interactions we have with others. “Social distancing” is the new catch cry, and even though it is against all my instincts I am working hard at it. Last…

Bishop Condie provides a COVID19 update – 24 March 2020

The Bishop of Tasmania, The Right Revd Dr Richard Condie, provides an update in regards to the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic and how we can respond.